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Privacy Policy

The Regroupement des personnes handicapées region Haut-Richelieu is committed to protecting the privacy of its employees, donors, volunteers and service recipients.

Protection of personal information by individuals

All employees, freelance workers and administrators agree to protect the confidential information of donors, employees, administrators, volunteers and service recipients of the Regroupement.

In addition, they undertake to keep confidential the information related to the activities of the Regroupement and agree not to disclose any related content nor make use of it in any manner for personal or third-party gain.

This policy is effective from the start date of the employee or volunteer for an indefinite period.

Protection of personal information by the Foundation

The Regroupement will not sell its list of donors. It will exchange certain information with other non-profit organizations, but only if the donor has provided his or her consent in the online donor form. The only personal information collected will be the donor’s name and address.