See beyond disability


Created on September 17, 2015, Fondation Bonheur has set itself the goal of establishing a respite and holiday centre for physically and / or intellectually disabled people in the Montérégie region, in order to alleviate their distress and isolation.

The project consists of constructing and operating this centre, which is a unique initiative in the region.

The administrative office of Fondation Bonheur is located at:

211 Mayrand Street, Office 104

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, J3B 3L1


  • To combine the financial and human resources to realize the development of a respite and holiday centre for people with disabilities;

  • Acquire a permanent infrastructure adapted to reception, accompaniment and accommodation;

  • Design a service offering that meets the needs of the target clientele (e.g. development of discovery workshops to develop their physical and motor skills such as agriculture, gardening, crafting accessories, sewing, computer science, etc.).


This centre will offer reception, accompaniment and housing workshops to people with disabilities in the Montérégie region. Its minimum capacity will be six (6) people.

The Foundation will fulfill this mandate by constructing a respite and holiday centre for the disabled in the Montérégie region. In this way, families and caregivers can benefit from a healthy respite.

Organisation - Fondation Bonheur


All funds are committed to the creation of a respite and holiday centre for people with disabilities in the Montérégie region.

Board of Directors

  • Pierre-Pare
    Pierre Paré
    "As a business leader, it is important for me to get involved in another part of our community that is helps people who need it. "
  • Andre-Gagnon
    André Gagnon
    "A disabled person is someone like any other. If we can facilitate their everyday lives through our involvement, that is all that matters. "
  • Bruno-Boucher
    Bruno Boucher
    "Being blind myself, I understand the different issues facing people with disabilities. A disability should never stop someone from living their passion. "
  • Stephane-Samson
    Stéphane Samson
    "I have the desire to do well, which is a very good motivation, but the desire to do good is even more so. "
  • Jacques-Lapointe
    Jacques Lapointe
    "The autonomy of people with disabilities is a priority. Accessibility, education, home support, employment, housing must be at the heart of our concerns. "
  • Clement-Grenier
    Clément Grenier
    "I want to use my professional experiences to help the Regroupement des personnes handicapées to make a difference in the lives of those we help. "
  • Louis Houle
    Louis Houle
    "I like this region and I want to give back to the community. I totally endorse the values put forward and with my experience as an architect I can help to apply them physically in all future projects."