See beyond disability


Created on September 17, 2015, Fondation Bonheur has set itself the goal of establishing a respite and holiday centre for physically and / or intellectually disabled people in the Montérégie region, in order to alleviate their distress and isolation.

The project consists of constructing and operating this centre, which is a unique initiative in the region.

The administrative office of Fondation Bonheur is located at:

211 Mayrand Street, Office 104

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, J3B 3L1


  • To combine the financial and human resources to realize the development of a respite and holiday centre for people with disabilities;

  • Acquire a permanent infrastructure adapted to reception, accompaniment and accommodation;

  • Design a service offering that meets the needs of the target clientele (e.g. development of discovery workshops to develop their physical and motor skills such as agriculture, gardening, crafting accessories, sewing, computer science, etc.).


This centre will offer reception, accompaniment and housing workshops to people with disabilities in the Montérégie region. Its minimum capacity will be six (6) people.

The Foundation will fulfill this mandate by constructing a respite and holiday centre for the disabled in the Montérégie region. In this way, families and caregivers can benefit from a healthy respite.

Organisation - Fondation Bonheur


All funds are committed to the creation of a respite and holiday centre for people with disabilities in the Montérégie region.

Board of Directors

  • Fernand Pascoal
    "I am fortunate to have a healthy family and to be happy as an entrepreneur. So, for me, it is a pleasure to give back to the community. "
  • François Duquette
    "I am very proud as an entrepreneur to help our community and I make it a point to give back to those in need. "
  • Charles Couture
    "Social causes are very important to me, so my involvement is about giving back to a community that really needs it. "
  • Andre-Gagnon
    André Gagnon
    "A disabled person is someone like any other. If we can facilitate their everyday lives through our involvement, that is all that matters. "
  • Marie Rouillier-Prud'homme
    "Inspired by my brother Simon, who has physical and intellectual disabilities, my desire is to help these special people and their families by improving their well-being and happiness. "
  • Michel-Fecteau
    Michel Fecteau
    General Manager
    "Working with people with disabilities teaches us how to live every moment, remembering to sometimes ignore the perception and impressions that govern us. "
  • Antoine Goulet
  • Claudine Guilbault
  • Alexandra Pascoal
  • Tristan Cousineau Bourgeois
  • Michael Poirier
  • Jason Morin