See beyond disability


The Envol du Haut-Richelieu offers members, as well as their parents and friends, integrated and accessible leisure activities designed primarily for people aged 15 to 35. The Envol develops recreational, sporting, cultural, social and educational activities that meet members’ needs and abilities. In addition to entertaining, these activities aim to:

  • Create resources for people with disabilities in order to relieve their isolation and develop their autonomy while promoting their social integration;
  • Provide accompaniment services and create community living environments aimed at empowering people individually and collectively;
  • Provide the disabled person available resources to manage daily life: budget, consumer goods, utilities or any other necessities related to everyday life;
  • Suggest to people with disabilities, their natural families and guardians, a range of tools to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency;
  • Encourage the disabled person to play an active role in the organization of our activities and in the administration of the organization.


The day center is defined as a place where priority is given to the autonomy, the learning and the development of each member. The members are involved naturally in the organization of the activities of the center, which encourages the creation of a unifying team spirit and a global vision of each project.

The instructors at L’Envol set up innovative and short-term activities to maintain a high level of attention and a high level of interest. This way, it is easier and more pleasant to learn new skills and knowledge.

The L’Envol day center has all the necessary equipment to entertain members during the different activities and ensure that they have a great time in a healthy and respectful atmosphere.

Handicapé jouant au ping-pong
Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Price list
Day center: $ 5 / day
Member of L'Envol: $ 20 / year
245 6th Avenue Office 1
J2X 0C6
Each member must bring his meal and snacks. A refrigerator and microwave are available. It is also possible to order a meal in the restaurant.

Admission Criteria


For active members

Any person with a significant loss of physical, organic or sensory capacity or any person with a mild intellectual disability or post-traumatic syndrome; Prioritizing people aged 15 to 35 years.

For assisting members

Any non-disabled person who gives and contributes time and assistance to the Regroupement and its active members, aged 14 years and over.

For family members

Children aged 7 to 13 with or without disabilities, if one of the parents is an active member or a helper of the Envol.


All funds are invested in the service of members through the day centre. This allows us to add activities to the program, provide a significant discount on proposed activities and purchase additional equipment to support the development of each of these.

Board of Directors

  • Marielle Charbonneau
    "Following the awakening of my maternal instinct with the arrival of a beautiful boy with a disability, who is now 24 years old, I enjoy working with these children who give me lessons of courage. "
  • Pierre Raymond
    "I am involved with the youth of L’Envol du Haut-Richelieu to promote their integration and allow them to socialize with the population. "
  • Martine Gamache
    "Life is made of small and great moments of happiness and this happiness cannot be complete, without sharing it. Thank you L’Envol, I am grateful. "
  • Yvon Comeau
    "My son has cerebral palsy and is a member of L’Envol. I want to help these young people with disabilities to thrive through life. "